LIMITED Ammo Can Package

LIMITED Ammo Can Package

Powell's Beard Co.

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Here it is, the ultimate package for the bearded man, all in one "M2A1" ammo can made in the USA. So, like Brad Pitt asked in Se7en: "What's in the box?!?"

  • Powell's Beard Tonic (MSRP $20): Of course our original beard oil would be included! It's the star of the show!
  • Waves Gear 25oz Forever Cold Bottle (MSRP $34): Proven to keep water cold longer than competitors (look at our video), this bottle is perfect for the adventures of you and your beard. This bottle has a double-walled vacuum insulated body and added a stainless steel cap.
  • Waves Gear Micro Towel (MSRP $30): This towel is light, dries quickly, and folds nicely. It's the perfect item for a day on the river, at the beach, or on long overnight trips in the wilderness.
  • Beard Comb by Chicago Comb Co. (MSRP $40): This durable, elegant, compact beard comb is sourced, cut, and inspected in the USA with laser precision so as not to tug at your precious beard, plus it looks fantastic.
  • Military Grade .50 caliber Ammo Can (MSRP $25): This is like Tupperware for men, and on the river it's your best friend. It's water tight, floats, and can be customized to look awesome.

All said, this package is worth more than we are charging, but we worked with our suppliers and can offer this all-in-one package at a limited price.