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This premium beard oil is designed for the rugged but intellectual gentleman and we make it right here in Arizona. It's the essential product for every beard and makes for the perfect gift. It will keep your beard manageable - and your face kissable.

Made from a select blend of essential oils, we know of no finer product on the market. It took a lot of trial and error, but it payed off.

  • 100% American: We make our product in the great state of Arizona, so we know about about dryness. This premium beard oil will keep your beard moisturized and manageable.
  • Developed under FDA Inspection: A lot of companies in the marketplace will import their products from China, Mexico, or who knows where!?! We make our beard oil in Arizona with the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration watching our moves.
  • Softens Beard Whiskers: Don't spend your precious time fighting with your beard, work with it! This beard oil and conditioner makes your facial hair work with you, not against you. It will keep your beard soft and easy to brush.
  • No Fragrance: This is an essential beard oil that provides the basics, letting you live your life and explore your wilderness without fragrances getting in the way of what you're trying to do!
  • Perfect Gift for Men: A man should take pride in his beard, but trust us, you'll get the benefit of having a man look better and have a softer, more kissable face. No more stray hairs, no more dandruff, no more itchiness or scratchiness!
  • Stops "Beardruff": Powell's Beard Tonic nourishes the skin and the hair with essential elements

Ideal for:

  • Hunters: Don't let 'em smell you comin'
  • River Rats: Hey, that's who designed it!
  • Wildermen (Yes, we made up this word): Simply keep your beard comfortable without any added fragrance.
  • Classic Men: If you're going to put on the suit and cologne, this will keep your beard healthy, but will stay out of your way with where the evening takes you.

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