I was born in Arizona and raised in the small town of Page, just three miles away from Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon. After graduating high school, I spent my summers away from Arizona State working as a river guide on the Colorado River. Frequently, I would take visitors from all over the world around the famous Horseshoe Bend, telling them the stories of the most famous river rat of them all: John Wesley Powell.

To describe Powell is to describe a total badass: after losing an arm fighting for the Union in the Civil War, the guy mapped out the Grand Canyon (which was all but a myth at the time) and took on some of the biggest and most technical rapids in the world like a boss. (Seriously, check this dude out.)

While on the river, it’s hard to shave everyday, so the men are scruffy at best, however most of them would just grow beards as they took on Powell’s adventures. Growing a beard in the hot Arizona summer can be an uncomfortable experience. The sun in the Canyon has a tendency to make your face feel like a warm piece of jerky!

Years later, after I graduated college, my friends and I had an annual “Beard War” to see who could grow the longest beard after a couple of months. Every year, I would win, but not because my beard was majestic, more that the other guys found the experience of growing a beard too uncomfortable. I guess I’d gotten used to the experience and discomfort, but I also figured there must be a better way.

After working my 9-to-5, I would spend my evenings developing the best beard oil I could. It was like being some sort of superhero: operations director by day, facial hair scientist by night. After several trial-and-error sessions, I found what I believe is the perfect formula to tame course beard hair like mine.

I know that there are other, cheaper brands in the marketplace, but when you look into them, their products are made overseas with who-knows-what quality and it seems like a cash grab.

Powell’s Beard Tonic is made with care in Chandler under the strict supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. I stand behind every one of our products, and I think you’ll enjoy growing a beard or taking care of the one you have. I encourage you to explore your wilderness.

-Steven, Founder of Powell's Beard Co.